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tThis class was great. Hope I get an A.
PS. this is not a real post.

Rafe Esquith part 4

From what he explained of his students and his class I understand why his students are the will to show up each day. Rafe teaches his students about really life. He has game called the economy system that the kids play in the class. Their desk is their house, and each month they must make payments in order to sit. The desks in front are more expensive because that are in a better neighborhood. Each student must work in order to pay their rent at the end of the months.
Rafe has so many teaching styles, I am just going to brief through some of them.
1. Number one, you must remove fear from the students the first day of class and install trust in every student.
2. You must be the person you want them to be. You want them to be respectful be respectful all the time, not just when you are in class.
3. If you have a large menu full of different options everyone will find something to do. For example you must have many different activities to make sure that everyone is involved in the class.
4. The tests at the end of the year are not important.
5. Have high expectation from you students. Children are capable of doing more than we give them credit.
6. Take chances
One thing that I found very interested about his students was the way they organize their behaviors levels and knew which one applied with each situation. Here are the different levels of thinking.
1. Level 1 : being afraid
2. Level 2: rewards
3. Level 3: pleasing other people
4. Level 4: it is the rule and we have to follow it.
5. Level 5: be considerate of other people
6. The final level is the highest, this level is about you, you do something because you have a personnel code of thinking with no rewards attach to them. This level is about finding yourself.
How amazing can this be, having fifth grades have such an increase level of thinking?

Rafe Esquith part 3

Another important lesson he wanted teacher to try was new programs each year. Always try something new each year and you would be surprised by the results he said. He said this in reference to a Shakespeare plays that his class often do and the unintentional but great result. Rafe’s class is involving in so many after school project, which includes plays, music band, and organizing events. His students come to school at 6:30am and leave at 6pm, during regular school hours and vacations (how in the world does he make a kids get up in the middle of July for school?). One day the class chose to do a plays about War World 1(I think). Each student was to recite a letter written from a soldier to his wife. When it was this little’s boy’s turn, he went up in front of hundred men from the U.S senate floor. When the boy was half way into the letter, he stopped and paused. You could see the emotion in his face. At that particular moment the little boy realized what this letter actually meant, the deepness of the message. As the tear flowed from his eyes he continued to recite the letter until he was done. This was not what Rafe had expected; just the fact that this 5th grade was able to memorize this letter so well was already a plus. This reaction was not what he planned, but it was great.

Rafe Esquith part 2

Rafe teaches at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, in Los Angeles, California. He has taught there since 1981. 92 percent of the students in his class are not native speakers. Many of his students are of poor and immigrant families.
During his presentation, Rafe talked about how teachers cannot compare themselves to the Hollywood movies because that is never going to happen like that. You can’t make everybody love you; you can’t make every student past the class, stop doing drugs, in three hours. Teaching is a process that take time, even when you think that you are not making progress keep doing what is best. Don’t turn you back on a student. Rafe gave an example of one student of his student that he felt he could not help her. The seemed that she was there because she had to go to school. It was not until much later that Rafe discovered that all this time this girl was actually taking what he had taught with her. So no matter how bad you fell like a students is not listening to you do not give up on them, you might be surprise at the end.

Rafe Esquith part 1

If it was not for my friend, I would have never known about this extra blog post. I attended Rafe Esquith’s presentation at the Bone Student Center. His presentation was very interesting. I hope that by the end of this paper/blog you guys will be know exactly what he said. Well, I wanted to learn more about this brilliant teacher that everyone talked about. I researched a little more about him. This is what a web site said about him: Rafe Esquith is an innovative, multiple-award-winning American teacher at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, in Los Angeles, California. How many of your elementary teacher can you find on the internet? Let along have this great comment about? I know for most of us that is never. I tried once looking up my elementary teacher, I had no result. I guess this must mean that Mr. Esquith is very different then most teacher. Well during his presentation Mr. Esquith opened my eyes to the true meaning of passion for a career. They way he talked about his students; you would have thought that they were his kids. Throughout the presentation he explained some of his brilliant ideas on how his became the wonderful he is now.

Good job

“Your group’s presentation today was really well done; the napkin-ball discussion was brilliant. It’s also great to see that your group gelled so well because it really seemed to help y’all be at ease with the class. Your presentation really got to the heart of how complicated testing can be”. Steve Halle
Wow, I can’t believe Mr. Halle actually said this about how group presentation. Although I know that we did a good job getting the class involve in discussion if thought the content of the presentation would suck. I mean, other project had presentation full of research information. I guess this mean that we got an A on this project. Sweet!

3-2-1 response

I remember my first 3-2-1 response, I don’t really remember what I wrote about I definitely remember how I felt. I believe it was either the second or the third week of class. Mr. Halle was introducing us to the different type of things we would have to do in class, such as blogging and doing work shop. The 3-2-1 response was the first assignment he gave us. It was suppose to be I think 300 hundred words, posted on our blog. When I left class that day I had no clue what I was suppose to write about, but I did not want to be the first student to start bugging the teacher ( I know that why he is there). I could not ask anyone in the class because I had no clue who they were. So I went back to my dorm, and went to the class website. I saw an article and I just started writing about it. Now that I look back that article it was completely the wrong topic, but I did not care. It was the first assignment of the class; therefore I had to do something.

Helpful Questions

So here is how I answered to the following questions:
• Do you cram?
o Yes I always cram, on test, paper, projects basically anything I don’t like about school.
• Do you study for exams weeks or months in advance preparing a little each day?
o Absolutely not, I usually wait two days before sometimes the day before to open my book and notes.
• Are you organized?
o Yes, I am organized; not a neat freak but I can find where everything is.
• How do you organize?
o I usually have either a binder or a folder for every subject. I also have a planner that I keep all the important dates
• What process do you go through writing a paper?
o When writing a paper I don’t use the outline thing. If I know what I want to write about I usually seat in front of the computers for ours. I fell like writing an outline is a waste of time.
• How do you read readings? In detail? Skim and scan?
o If I am interested in a topic I will take the time to read the material and try to make sense of it in my mind. If I am not interested I still read the book but nothing stays in my mind.
I hope these questions will help start my paper. Now what I will do is maybe try to attach personal event with the different questions I just answered.

Statement of Student Philosophy

Project four is about writing what kind of student we are. How do you really know what type of student you are? I mean you go to school, turn in your homework and try to listen to what the teacher says. I mean, I am not a perfect student but I am not a terrible one also. I am not sure how do go about this project, do I just brag about how good of a student I am, do I completely bash myself, or do I write what people say about me? Maybe I should wait and see how the person that will workshop in class, maybe then I will have some clue. Just in case that does not happen, Mr. Halle posted some questions that could help us figure what king of students we are. I hope by completing these questions I can find out exactly what to write about.

Rafe Esquith

I was present during Mr. Esquith’s presentation. I am clad I went to this event. It was very interesting. After his presentation I was pushed to read his books, now to answer Mr. Halle comment in regards to Mr. Esquith anecdote. I do not think he was necessarily saying that quote to undermine the value of one job over the other. I fell like it was just to show that the students had a thinking level that is elevated. In the mind of the ticket-taker they were kids and kids made noise. But that is not what the students thought of themselves. They know where they are and also that they must respect other around. In other for them to respect other they must stay quiet. I understand where the problem is, and how his story might be taken in the wrong way, but I fell like the point of telling this story was to demonstrate how responsible and obedient his students were.

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